Elipto Master Tools


The Elipto-Master with replaceable cutter is Ultra Tool's most specialized tool for chamfering and deburring elliptical or curved surfaces. It is the perfect tool for drilling through

  • curved or cylindrical bodies such as crankshafts.
  • from angle-drilling of surface-plane bodies
  • Angularly drilled and through curved-hole cylindrical bodies


The Elipto-Master's spring loaded, self-centering pilot makes it ideal for use with speed drills, drill presses, and automatic machinery. It requires only light pressure to engage its cutting action, producing a chamfer of relative conformity through the use of its conically-shaped, self-centering pilot.

The tool body itself is made of ground, hardened steel, while its blades are heat-treated, high-speed steel for an added resistance to wear. It is available from Ultra Tools in three standard sizes, and possesses a 5/32” to 1” diameter, as determined by the pilot diameter and not the cutter width.

To learn more about Elipto-Master's smart solutions to elliptical or curved surfaces, please contact Ultra Tools.






ELIPTO-MASTER Operating Range "C" Length "D" Body "E" Shank "F" Degree
Tool-No. Replacement Blae No. "A"(min.) "B"(min.)
Dimension mm Dimension mm Dimension mm Dimension mm Dimension mm
EM-5 EM-5B 3.97 7.84 79.00 15.80 6.33 120
EM-8 EM-8B 6.33 12.70 82.00 19.05 6.33 120
EM-16 EM-16B 9.53 26.80 116.10 26.80 12.70 120