Burr-Bye Technical Details

Burr Buy Technical Details

Technical Detail


Standard-High Speed-Can handle any job that requires soft metal and some ferrous metal deburring.

Upgrade- Tungsten Carbide - Doubles the life expectancy of the tool, especially when deburring ferrous metals such as stainless steel.


Use This Tool Before You Ream Or Tap The Hole,Otherwise,Damage To The Hole May Occur!!!

Adding a dwell time when feeding the tool through the sections to deburr will allow for a cleaner and more efficient deburring process.

You can prevent premature wear and tear on the blade if you use a cooling system to deter heat and debris from damaging the tool.


1. Coolant System

2. Oil System.

3. Air Blow System.

We recommend speed (RPM) and feed ranges for a hole size .


If the inside diameter (I.D.) of the part is 3xs greater than the size of the actual hole size, the hole can be chamfered from both sides (front & back) using the standard sizes of the Burr-Bye

If the I.D. is less than 3xs the actual hole size, you must use a modified back chamfer only Burr-Bye tool, which is available by special order. Therefore, only the back side of the I.D. can be chamfered.